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Réminiscence ressasse les poèmes de jouvence de Dr Teta. Tendre, moins tendre mais surtout tendre est le reflet de la vie dans l’iris pubère. De Mbo à la Côte Vertu, de Djo à the Sandy Hill, l’amour entre et rentre comme il entre et rentre… la haine entre et rentre, comme elle entre et rentre.

L’autarcie de l’amour, cher au poète, transpire tout au long du recueil – l’auteur consacre et sacre la sublimation de l’amour in petto, vécu solo – l’amour immaculé, égotiste et jaloux de sa quiétude qui récuse l’issue incertaine de la déclaration. Seul l’amour gestant est éternel ; né, comme l’être, il est destiné à péricliter et à mourir.

De fait, le poète refuse la gésine de ses amours et invite l’homme à en faire autant de sa haine : « mon amour est en moi et pour moi, qu’ainsi soit ta haine! » crie-t-il aux chrétiens, aux musulmans, aux juifs, aux paganistes, aux athées, aux politiciens et aux fils de son père.


Dr Ismael Teta prête coeur dans la poésie, son âme à l’humanitaire et son esprit à la science. Professeur de Nutrition à l’Université d’Ottawa, ce diplômé de la faculté de Médecine de l’Université de Montréal dédie sa vie à la survie des enfants nécessiteux aux cotés de l’Unicef. Il publie ce recueil depuis la Guinée Conakry, en proie à une infecte épidémie à virus Ebola.

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The Sinclairs descend from Tognvald « the Mighty », Earl of Moere in Norway and of the Orkneys. In 876 his son Hrolf « the Ganger » entered the River Seine and pillaged the countryside. King Charles « the Simple » of France made peace by granting him the Province of Normandy, and the overloardship of Brittany. The treaty was signed at Castle Saint-Clair-Sur-Epte… William The Conqueror was a first cousin of the St Clairs. Nine Sinclair knights fought with him at the Battle of Hastings. The St Clairs were granted vast estates in England.

The St Clair presence in Scotland pre-dates the Norman Conquest. William St Clair accompanied Edgar « the Atheling » to Hungary and later escorted Edgar’s sister Margaret to Scotland with the Holy Rood, part of the true cross. William was granted Rosslyn « in life-rent » by the King in 1057. Rosslyn has been in the family’s hands ever since.  William was succeeded by Henri de St Clair, who took part in the First Crusade and the Fall of Jerusalem in 1096. This was the beginning of the Sinclair involvement with the Crusades and the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were welcomed to Scotland by Robert The Bruce after the Order had been suppressed by the Pope. The Sinclairs allowed them to set up a headquarters at Ballintradoch, on the Rosslyn Estate. At the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, Sir William Sinclair and two sons led out the Knights Templar to rout the English army. This victory is still remembered by the Knights Templar at a ceremony at Bannockburn on St John’s Day.

In 1398 Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney and Prince of Norway, set sail for the New World with 200 men-at-arms in 12 ships fitted with cannon. They reached Newfoundland and later sailed on to Nova Scotia, Henry built a settlement. Further proof of Henry’s voyage is visible in Rosslyn Chapel there are carvings of Indian Maize and North American Aloe cacti, all carved before Columbus was born.

The Sinclairs produced many notable persons. Among them was Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, who was first President of the Board of Agriculture at the time of Pitt, and the compiler and editor of the First Statistical Account of Scotland, 1791-99. Another famous descendant was Major General Arthur St Clair who served with Amherst at Louisberg and with Wolfe at Quebec. However, during the American War of Independence he was a trusted adviser of General Washington and served at many battles. He was President of Congress and Governor of the North-western Territory of the USA.


Thomas Sinclair was born in 1843 in Scotland, the second son of George Dunbar Sinclair and Helen Graham. He attended Edinburgh University, the New College, and the Sorbonne, earning an M.A. along the way. Sinclair worked as a tutor before turning to journalism in 1874—thereafter he became a prolific writer of poetry, reviews, articles, travel, and criticism. In addition, he wrote one novel, Goddess Fortune (1884), about children switched at birth. He travelled widely, living for a time on the continent and in Algeria. He never married and was still living in 1907 in Bournemouth.

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Behind the scene of air strikes against Yugoslavia, Top story of the Globe in the spring 1999, there is an inside drama in Radio Television of Serbia.

CEO of RTS makes decisions as if he is NATO ally not the head of State Broadcasting Company in charge of company policy and employees in particular. Life of other employees is only a step on the large scale of his promotion.

Aleksandar, journalist in News Editorial tries to explain CEO that his primary duty is to protect people in company not to sacrifice their lives due to some vague “Superior Goals”. Small journalist versus CEO; Aleksandar, alone, can not protect employees; forthcoming tragedy is on the way. Sixteen people, mostly young, were killed on April 23, 1999.

This is the story about people who are ready to do literally anything to keep their positions and privileges NO MATTER what price OTHER PEOPLE will pay.


Aleksandar Krzavac was born in 1959 in the former Yugoslavian capital Belgrade. Holder of a University degree in economics Krzavac is the author of e-book of, mainly satirical, aphorisms and cartoons titled « Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun » too. In his second e-book « Crossroads and/or Illusions, Coping with Plug & Play Ideology », Krzavac tries to challenge people thinking out of convenient life », in order, as subtitle of books says, to cope with Plug & Play Ideology.  Novella « Media Guy, God blesses media, but not media  professionals » is third book written by Aleksandar Krzavac. Through funny character of Media Guy writer, who is journalist too, shows all dangers and traps of that divine, fascinating and damned profession.

At present Krzavac lives in Serbian capital Belgrade, employed with Serbian Broadcasting company on the position of journalist. He is married, father of three daughters.

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