Gathering Mushroom Clouds In Forecast (A Memoir), by Alan Hodgkinson

GatheringMushroom_FrontISBN : 978-1-67166-6030
Format : 96 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Growing up during the height of the Cold War made a dent in my childhood, but there were a series of personal disasters that made a larger dent. I nearly bought the farm from scarlet fever, a black window nearly killed me with it bite, then occurred a boat accident where I barely survived drowning, and our family house burned to the ground, all of this before I became fourteen.

At sixteen I was in a serious car accident which my father blamed on me, and I paced up and left home. I became footloose and fancy-free, transferring from one school to another and working various and sundry jobs around California though the Sixties. My childhood mentor, a neighbor who worked for United Press International told me once that since I was so fond of my paperboy job, I should consider a newspaper career when I grew up. He said that the industry is overrun with those who would sell their own mother downriver for a good story. Someone of such upstanding character and integrity as myself, would be a credit to the Fourth Estate he flattered me.

I took to heart his encouragement. I did love my paperboy job. Becoming a newspaper reporter some day, had the natural feeling of graduating from the school of paperboy. On the other hand I thought, who would want to work daily in the slightest union with a bunch of bottom dwellers, those who would as much stoop to sell their own mother downriver for a story? It turns out, as one major life event after another befalls me over the years, a newspaper career seems fitting.

Meanwhile, between my many paycheck endeavors, I hawked newspapers on the street from LA to ‘Frisco.

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Alan HodgkinsonI’ve published many short stories and four books. A Sniper’s Sun will be my fifth. I have an MFA education in Creative Writing from Colorado State and taught writing and literature at university level. I currently am working on a sixth book, and volunteer to facilitate writing workshops for war veterans in my home of New Mexico.

Barrages en Kabylie, par Jean-François Capelle

BarragesKabylie_FrontISBN : 978-1-6708-5546-6
Format : 184 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 po., broché,
papier intérieur crème #60, encre intérieur noir et blanc,
couverture extérieure #100 en quatre couleurs

Le résultat du référendum d’autodétermination de janvier 1961 ne laisse aucune illusion sur la présence de la France en Algérie. Putsch des Généraux, naissance de l’OAS, frustration des Pieds-noirs, montée de l’islamisme intégriste, exacerbation des différences entre les Kabyles et les Arabes.

C’est dans ce contexte explosif que se déroule ce roman autour d’une équipe impliquée dans la réalisation de barrages collinaire.

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Capelle_675x900-dÀ PROPOS DE L’AUTEUR :

Après une longue carrière d’ingénieur dans le domaine du génie civil, Jean-François Capelle signe un nouveau roman basé sur sur son expérience personnelle en Algérie durant cette période.

Il y dévoile son ouverture sur le monde et son esprit de défense des particularités.

Beyond an Adventure: A Beautiful Love, by Angel R. Almagro

BeyondAdventure_FrontISBN : 978-1-6899-8930-5
Format : 346 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Once World War I was over, after devastating battles, including the Battle of Verdun, some French air fighters, almost all heroes of French Republic, were thought to be all dead in a plane crash while performing the first long distance fly of the giant Farman plane, « The Goliath », from Paris to Dakar. They were lost in the Sahara Desert without food and water. How they survived despite their ordeal!

While France was recovering from war, they went to Cuba where they remained almost two years, and the place the most important for them was the Columbia airfield in Havana, which became a real aeronautic fair because of the presence of French air fighters and the Farman war planes. For these French nationals, after the battles of the First World War and the testing fly of « The Goliath » to towards Dakar, all these events took place without a single break. Still, their stay in Cuba was like an adventure, which happened under a relaxing and warm atmosphere, plenty of affection and happiness.

A Cuban « mulatta », who was charged to prepare meals for the French pilots and mechanics, was the most notable woman in the Columbia airfield. Her name was Genevieve. One of French fellows, Leon, fell in love with her. It was a beautiful but sad love story.

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Angel R. Almagro (393 x 489)

Born in Cuba in 1944 where he lived until 2001, Angel R. Almagro had never been able to spread his poetic message because of the Marxist regime that governed his country and by false priests who had tried to destroy his literary creation. He then left his country to reach the United States. He wants people to consider his poems and his entire work “like a fountain of prophecy, because it is already time to believe the true poets as spiritual messengers through which we can learn that our world really needs renovation.”

Angel R. Almagro has published three books of poetry at the Editions Dédicaces, entitled « AMEN ou The Child and the Beast », « Woman » and the two volumes of « The Winged Prince’s Dream ».


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