Long Road to America, by Sly Edaghese

long-road-america_frontISBN : 978-1-77076-608-2
Format : 158 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

The book, exploring the good, the bad and the nostalgic sides of life and living in America, is written by Mr. Sly Edaghese, an author of high repute. The protagonist, Robert Oki, embarks on an incredible journey that takes him across the pond from the remote Nigerian town of Ubiaja to New York City, the capital and epicenter of the world. Like many Nigerians of his generation, Robert Oki’s childhood dream was to go to the United States of America. Against all odds and early struggles in life, he was able to open the door to his future through education and ended up attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The turning point in his life is when, for the first time ever, he boards a plane at the international airport in Lagos. The plane flies him first to Amsterdam and then to London. In London he gets into a connecting flight that finally lands him in New York City, to begin a new life as a student at New York University. This is the very heart of the story the reader is treated to a sumptuous taste of life in the Big Apple.

This work presents a strong moral compass that is only matched by its excellence in presentation. The truths in this enchanting story are deep and the lessons profound. Surely, it will inspire young people especially in the third-world countries as they embark on their own life’s journey. Let everybody read this book and be wise.


slyedagheseSly Edaghese is an alumnus of New York University, he obtained the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Economics in 1979 and 1980, respectively. Sly, an author of several novels as well as a regular opinion writer in the Nigerian newspapers and in the social media, resides in Lagos, Nigeria, with his lovely wife Carol. His family is blessed with three beautiful children, namely, Mrs. Usun-Yvonne Sundberg, Ehis and Ose.

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À propos de Guy Boulianne

Guy Boulianne, auteur et éditeur. Ce dernier a réalisé une quête personnelle, historique, généalogique et symbolique. Il en dévoilera prochainement la teneur dans la rédaction d'ouvrages à paraître.

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