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Faded Dreams. A Cuban Memoir, by Carlos Rubio

ISBN : 978-1-77076-728-7
Format : 216 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Faded Dreams is an epic autobiography by my fellow writer and good friend Carlos Rubio. Beyond being a very personal story of a young man growing up to the backdrop of this remarkable country of Cuba, there is as well a political subplot of a country that is dragged through the mud by one of the most ruthless dictators in recent world history. The people who populate his world all fantastically come alive on the pages; Carlos does so well in telling how special they were to him, and are still special today. This book now gives us a close-up, in your face look at the very human side of Cuba as seen from a young man who lived there and experienced it as could be described as its rise and fall.

Carlos was sent to the United States at a young age by his parents after Castro took over. Things there only get worse. Living in the safety and prosperity of the United States as an adult, Carlos periodically looks at photographs of family and friends he was so fond of in those days before the Revolution. They are no longer alive, but his doting on those photos vividly brings them back to life on the pages -it gives the reader a sense of timelessness and tells how powerfully a childhood was impacted by those people, especially the incredible person that was his father, a man from whom he could never separate himself.

— Alan Hodgkinson (Author of After Incoming)


Carlos Rubio was born in Cuba and came to the United States in 1961. After finishing high school, he attended Concord College and West Virginia University. A bilingual novelist, in Spanish he has written Caleidoscopio, Saga, Orisha and Hubris. In 1989 his novel Quadrivium received the Nuevo León International Prize for Novels. In English he is the the autor of Orpheus’s Blues, Secret Memories and American Triptych, a trilogy of satirical novels. In 2004 his novel Dead Time received Foreword’s Magazine Book of the Year Award.

In 2014 his novel Forgotten Objects was published by Editions Dedicaces. Since then he has completed two Spanish-language novels, Only the Voice and Double Edge.

PRICE : 15.35 US$


Edith Piaf. Ode to the child of a vagrant, by Thierry Rollet

ISBN : 978-1-77076-726-3
Format : 66 pages, 6 x 9 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Few artists have marked their own eras, as well as those that come later, in the way that Édith Piaf has. People from every generation can identify with her popular songs, which make the absolute most of her virtuosic vocal skill, resonating from such a small person—who also had a very big heart.

This book is meant to be more simply a biography: it is also meant to be an in-depth analysis of an international star with an exceptional personality and incomparable musical talent. A bona fide ambassador of French folk music, she served as the icon of musical potential and achievement—both in France and around the world.


Born in Remiremont (France) in 1960, Thierry Rollet has devoted himself to literature since the age of 15. Associate to Gens de Lettres de France. He published his first book at age 21 and is now at his 38th published book. First a teacher, he founded in 1999 the Scribo company, which handles the distribution of books, literary advice to authors wanting to be published, training in French / English and a writing workshop. Thierry Rollet has published novels, collections of short stories, historical accounts, and many novels in magazines and on the Internet.

PRICE : 13.25 US$

Un Citoyen Engagé, par François Lebeau

ISBN : 978-1-77076-688-4
Format : 100 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 po., broché,
papier intérieur crème #60, encre intérieur noir et blanc,
couverture extérieure #100 en quatre couleurs

« Un Citoyen Engagé » se compose de 13 chapitres qui mettent en lumière 13 événements parmi les plus importants de l’auteur. François Lebeau a passé sa vie à aider les jeunes à trouver des solutions positives qui leur permettent d’avoir une vie agréable, tout en respectant les gens autour d’eux.

Ce premier livre de l’auteur a pour but de démontrer à la population que les policiers peuvent devenir de très bons alliés et qu’ils peuvent aider à solutionner des problèmes auxquels les parties en cause ne voient pas toujours de solutions possibles.

Le lecteur pourra constater le travail que François Lebeau a effectué durant 47 ans pour venir en aide aux jeunes démunis, trouvant souvent des solutions acceptées par toutes les parties en cause.


François Lebeau est né à Saint-Jérôme d’une famille modeste. Il a fait sa scolarisation primaire à l’école Saint Jean Baptiste et il a fréquenté trois écoles pour compléter son secondaire. Son rêve d’enfance était de devenir un jour policier pour sa ville.

Il quitta l’école à l’âge de 16 ans pour occuper divers emplois : journalier en excavation, vendeur de chaussures, secrétaire d’école, vendeur, ainsi que commis comptable dans une société agricole. En 1967, il commença à travailler comme policier pour la ville de Saint-Jérôme, profession qu’il occupa pendant 35 ans, jusqu’en 2002.

De 1962 à 2009, il participa à une multitude d’activités et réalisa plusieurs interventions personnelles qui venaient en aide aux jeunes démunis ou non. François Lebeau n’a jamais compté ses heures, étant disponible en tout temps, le jour, le soir et puis même la nuit. Il a redonné à plusieurs jeunes la dignité à laquelle ils avaient droit.

PRIX : 18.10 $CA

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