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Why You Should Choose To Worship At International Prophetic Ministry Church

You may have relocated to Orange Cove or moved there for a short time maybe for visits, official duties, or to study and you need a church. I would recommend you visit the International prophetic ministry which offers to teach on the word of God. They have great music which creates an excellent atmosphere for praise and worship. Below are some of the factors that will convince you to attend the International prophetic ministry.

As a Christian, you need to attend a church that offers teachings based on the word of God. This is one of the reasons you may need to choose International prophetic ministry since the entire teaching is based on the word of God. If you listen to the earlier messages from the International prophetic ministry, then you are assured that you will find what you are looking for. A church is a place where you find hope and renewed strength depending on the quality of the teachings. You are assured to get this when you attend International prophetic ministry. The church is passionate about teaching family values that enhance unity within the family and the community at large. Teaching on the importance of friendships is also available which is crucial for co-existence.

The international prophetic ministry offers different services for kids, teenagers, youths, and adults which helps you to fit in your category. We have separate services for the kids with separate age groups which is lead by a team of staff and volunteers who have a passion for kids. International prophetic ministry Sunday schools have a goal to provide a fun and interactive program to help the kids grow spiritually. The other service is programmed to accommodate youth or college students and teenagers. The aim is to help the youth experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. You can also choose to attend either the traditional service or the contemporary services.

At the International prophetic ministry, you don’t have to worry about parking since they have ample parking including the guest parking area. This is suitable for convince of driving to and from the church especially if you don’t live within the church. We have set aside an area for disabled parking since we accommodate everyone to the house of God. Remember parking is free, and we have ushers who will guide you.

As a church, we love visitors and ensure that you get the best and memorable experience during the time you attended International prophetic ministry. We have a church steer who will guide you through the church hall and ensure that you are comfortable. Also, you’ll have time to meet the pastor to welcome you to the church.

The above are some of the few aspects of why you should choose to worship with us. You’ll improve your relationship with God and have a great time worshiping with us. Feel free to visit us any time or write us for more information. Visit our website as well for daily bible motivational verses from our own pastor Elijah

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